Where a small winery and residence once stood, there is now a state-of-the-art winery and hospitality center set within two structures, preserving the original orientation and relationship to the heritage oak that now shades the hospitality building’s expansive rear courtyard. The structures are designed in a modern farmhouse style, in keeping with the town’s overall design aesthetic, every detail meticulously executed. The first structure holds the main tasting room, administrative offices and barrel storage; the second houses fermentation, laboratory and winery operations.

Designed to feel like a village under a single roof, the hospitality building is punctuated by cupolas and dormers, which flood the interior with natural light. A trellis along the front facade provides a sense of continuity. Visual connections and a seamless flow between interior spaces, as well as interior and exterior spaces, make this a welcoming space.

Views from the front door extend through the interior out to the tasting courtyard and vineyards at the rear. Windows behind the interior tasting bar pocket away, transforming the back bar into an outdoor venue serving the courtyard space. Inside, interior windows visually connect the double-height tasting room with the barrel room, and upper level offices overlook the hospitality space below.