Chalk Hill Winery is the centerpiece of a 1,300-acre property that includes 300 acres of vineyards, the winery estate, an event pavilion, a culinary garden and extensive wilderness areas. All wine-making operations co-exist within this large building, which was originally constructed in the 1970s. In addition to hospitality and offices, the ground floor houses wine production, fermentation and bottling. Additional offices and administration spaces occupy the upper floor, with the basement given over to barrel storage. The renovated hospitality spaces occupy 2,200 square feet, roughly 10% of the estate’s total square footage.

To open the interior spaces and invoke a sense of welcome, the arrival was completely redesigned. Steel and glass doors replaced the existing heavy wood doors, ushering in light and opening the interior spaces to the surrounding gardens. The steel doors continue into the tasting spaces, delineating areas for standard and VIP tasting experiences while maintaining an interior sense of connection and flow. Offices that once occupied the front of the building were relocated to accommodate the new VIP tasting room, which lies directly across the entry vestibule from the main tasting area.

On the interior, the spaces were re-arranged to accommodate a new approach to the tasting experience. Intimate seating groups accommodate numerous seated tastings, replacing the long tasting bar that once dominated the space. Furnishings and finishes are entirely new, including a custom wall finish painstakingly applied by hand. Outside, an outdoor patio was reconfigured to accommodate additional groups.