Metal buildings can be an effective way to mitigate the threat of firestorm. However, if the structure does not make the considerations listed above, the intention will be prone to weakness. When it comes to material fatigue, all building materials are vulnerable. In this instance, steel is more durable than wood. There is no construction material that is completely safe. Steel is the closest and the disadvantages are reduced when the risk is considered.

To further expand the Nordby Metal Building Division, we have partnered with Butler Manufacturing, a commercial metal building systems manufacturer. We chose to partner with Butler Manufacturing because they were able to address our concerns as well as offer value added visualization and technical support services. Established in 1910, Butler has over 100 year’s experience in designing and fabricating metal structures.

Butler’s engineering capabilities allow Architects the flexibility to not be “boxed-in” by the systems’ structural design. The company’s large engineering department allows them to produce quick responses and designs to be able to evaluate the structural systems needed to be cost effective and efficient. One of the biggest advantages we found to be is Butler’s ability to hold both pre-engineered metal building design as well as conventional steel design in-house. Butler not only designs and fabricates pre-engineered metal buildings but also conventional steel buildings as well, giving them a competitive advantage of producing a “Hybrid Building.”