Nordby Divisions

Nordby Divisions

Over the course of being in business for 40 years, a lot of lessons are learned. The Nordby Companies are intimately familiar with the construction needs of the North Bay.  Our market is unique.  The clients we serve coupled with our region’s exposure to natural disaster requires intimate knowledge of our client’s operations, regional policy, and the area’s subcontractor base. Distilling our knowledge into a meaningful response resulted in the formation of three new divisions, which include:

Custom Projects Division

Clients need help with projects that are smaller or require custom needs. The Nordby Custom Services Division offers the same expertise and care to projects great and small. This division responds to the demand for specialized skills to support a wider range of our client’s construction needs, gaining the high-level of expertise demonstrated throughout our companies on their smaller scale.

Metal Building Division

Wineries, breweries, cideries, and other businesses are looking for fire-proof building materials to prepare for future fire events. Many business owners turn toward metal building installations for winery, warehouse, church, car dealership, and school applications.  There are many advantages of metal buildings. Adversely, there are an equal number of disadvantages that need to be addressed. The Nordby Metal Building Division was formed to offer a highly durable pre-engineered building system validated by the Nordby team of professionals.

Winery Advisors Division

Since our inception, we’ve grown with our winery clients. Over this time, we’ve honed are trade to specifically meet the unique requirements of our winery clients. From new construction to existing facility reconfiguration, we enjoy being a strategic partner for many of our clients.  The Nordby Winery Advisors Division was formed to formalize this partnership with a complete service offering to address cost benefit relationship of operational advancements.