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In recent years, we’ve found wineries, breweries, cideries, and other businesses are looking for fire-proof building materials to prepare for future fire events. Many business owners have turned toward metal building installations for winery, warehouse, church, car dealership, and school applications.  There are many advantages of metal buildings. However, there are an equal number of disadvantages that need to be addressed. The Nordby Metal Building Division was formed to offer a highly durable pre-engineered building system validated by the Nordby team of professionals.

Lessons Learned from Metal Building Construction

In 1994, Nordby Construction installed its first pre-engineered metal building.  Since that time, our construction professionals installed dozens more.  Through these experiences we’ve learned a lot about the areas to consider when considering a pre-engineered metal building. We found that the engineering of these building systems has become sophisticated, but the structural components stayed relatively the same, until recently.

Occidental Leather, Nordby Metal Building Division

Metal Building Partner, Butler Manufacturing

Nordby Construction decided to partner with Butler Manufacturing, a commercial metal building systems manufacturer. We chose to partner with Butler Manufacturing because they were able to address our concerns as well as offer value added visualization and technical support services.  Established in 1910, Butler has over 100 year’s experience in designing and fabricating metal structures.

Butler’s engineering capabilities allow Architects the flexibility to not be “boxed-in” by the systems’ structural design.  The company’s large engineering department allows them to produce quick responses and designs to be able to evaluate the structural systems needed to be cost effective and efficient.  One of the biggest advantages we found to be is Butler’s ability to hold both pre-engineered metal building design as well as conventional steel design in-house.  Butler not only designs and fabricates pre-engineered metal buildings but also conventional steel buildings as well, giving them a competitive advantage of producing a “Hybrid Building.”

It’s a win-win proposition.

Together with Butler Manufacturing, Nordby is able to produce a metal building that effectively addresses the concerns of designers, clients, and contractors alike.  Benefits include:

Architect Design Protection: Traditionally, architectural finishes are the first items to be value engineered. Butler can produce a more cost-efficient design reducing the need for value engineered finishes.

Timely Costing, Engineering and Final Design Document Provision: Together with Butler Engineering resources, Nordby Metal Buildings can provide costing, engineering, and final design documents in have the time.

Schedule Commitments: Nordby Metal Buildings can make and hold time commitments.

From wineries to warehouse facilities, the Metal Building Division is ready to meet your all your pre-engineered metal building needs.

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