Custom Projects

Nordby Custom Projects Division

Over 40 years of building relationships with clients in the North Bay Area’s wine, hospitality, commercial, and residential markets, the Nordby Family of Companies has established a highly skilled network of capabilities to complete projects that are large, luxurious, and highly functional. We have found often times our clients need help with projects that are smaller or have more custom needs than some of the larger new builds and we wanted to be able to offer our same expertise and care to these projects as well. The Nordby Custom Projects Division was formed to respond to the demand for specialized skills to serve a wider range of our client’s construction needs.  Supported by Nordby’s team and network of construction professionals, our clients gain the high-level of expertise demonstrated throughout our companies on their smaller-scale, more specific and custom projects.

Our team of dedicated people know how to work with you to understand the intentions and concerns you have for the project you are envisioning. Once we confirm with you your intentions, we also know how to help you achieve your vision in an efficient fashion, with care for your budget, and how to make decisions to ensure the project stays on track.

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It’s a win-win proposition.

We get to stay connected with our clients by helping them with all their projects, and they get to draw upon our services and resources for help with their projects, regardless of scale, which include:

  • Estimating and Preconstruction Budgeting Services
  • Supervision Services
  • Project Management
  • City and County Relationships
  • Subcontractor Relationships
  • Vendor Relationships

We have solutions for projects great and small.

The Custom Projects Division can help you take care of completing many project types, including:

  • Space Reconfigurations or Tenant Improvements
  • Home Office Conversions or Additions
  • Accessibility Improvements / Compliance
  • Structural Retrofits
  • Finish Upgrades / Space Refresh
  • Maintenance Services
  • Facility Expansions and Additions

We accommodate our clients, no matter what market they serve.We have an experienced team that can deliver a wide range of specialized support for wineries, country clubs, hotels, resorts, restaurants, offices, and warehouses. Whatever the circumstance, the Custom Projects Division will dedicate the professional team clients need to ensure their facilities and operations run smoothly.

Start your custom homes project today.