Nordby Invitational

The relationship between Nordby Invitational, The Salvation Army, and the Santa Rosa community is one of the great success stories in our area’s history of charitable giving. The Nordby Invitational is a special annual event to assist The Santa Rosa Salvation Army in helping those in need and lifting people out of poverty. Proceeds from the Nordby Invitational go directly to The Salvation Army to provide shelter, food, basic assistance, and youth programs to the Santa Rosa community.

Our objective this year. Our combined focus this year is to replenish and ramp up The Salvation Army’s funds for long-term recovery efforts from the October 2017 firestorm while sustaining normal services to the community.

Wildfire damages are reported to top $3 Billion. The Salvation Army looks to continue help fire survivors in years to come by offering long-term assistance with financial and housing needs, furniture and household supplies, utilities assistance, medical and dental care, work supplies needed to be replaced, school supplies needed to be replaced, vehicle repairs, and other miscellaneous needs related to the fire.

We need to replenish and ramp up funding. Fire survivor assistance is being provided in addition to The Salvation Army’s normal community services. They provide support for 160 units of low income senior housing, a senior center, 4,000 nights of transitional shelter, afterschool tutoring offered at 4 schools, gang prevention programs, and family services which offers rent, utility, and food assistance to needy families. The Salvation Army also provides seasonal assistance, giving over 9,000 Christmas toys to needy children and fire survivors. Every month The Salvation Army serves over 2,000 members of our community.