Due Diligence

Each client has different needs when it comes to a pre-purchase effort, some clients have in-house expertise while others do not. There are clients who may have low-risk tolerance and are willing to spend a larger sum upfront, while others simply pursue a cursory review. Whatever the circumstance, Nordby Construction Services get's and understanding of the client's goals early on to determine their specific needs in due diligence.

Nordby Construction Services provides pre-purchase diligence tasks include:

Coordination and Evaluation Proposals for

  • Site, Roads, Infrastructure, Drainage
  • Wells, Testing, Flows and Water Quality
  • Process Waste and Domestic Waste: System investigation as well as evaluation of permitted improvements and expansion plans.
  • Building:
    • Pest Reports: Review and Price Summary
    • Home and Winery Inspection Report: Review and Price Summary
    • Plumbing and Mechanical: Investigation and Evaluation of the HVAC and Plumbing Systems
    • Electrical: Investigation and Evaluation of the Electrical System
    • Roofing: Investigation and Evaluation of Roofing Systems
    • Building Envelope: Investigation and Evaluation of Maintenance and or Defects
    • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Phase 1 Environmental
  • Planning Permit, Pull And Review File (County)
  • Building Permit, Pull And Review File (County)
  • Manager Interviews:  GM, Facility, Vineyard
  • Future Expansion Budgeting (Square Foot)

Nordby Construction proudly provided pre-purchase diligence services for the following clients.

  • Duckhorn Wine Company
  • Foley Family Wines
  • Kieu Hoang Winery
  • Adams Wine Group
  • Carlisle Winery
  • Kosta Browne Winery
  • Dutcher Crossing Winery