Due Diligence

Each client has different needs when it comes to a pre-purchase effort, some clients have in-house expertise while others do not. There are clients who may have low-risk tolerance and are willing to spend a larger sum upfront, while others simply pursue a cursory review. Whatever the circumstance, Nordby Construction Services develops and confirms an understanding of the client's goals early on to determine their specific needs in due diligence.

Nordby Construction Services provides pre-purchase diligence tasks including:

Coordination and Evaluation Proposals for

  • Site, Roads, Infrastructure, Drainage
  • Wells, Testing, Flows and Water Quality
  • Process Waste and Domestic Waste: System investigation as well as evaluation of permitted improvements and expansion plans.
  • Building:
    • Pest Reports: Review and Price Summary
    • Home and Winery Inspection Report: Review and Price Summary
    • Plumbing and Mechanical: Investigation and Evaluation of the HVAC and Plumbing Systems
    • Electrical: Investigation and Evaluation of the Electrical System
    • Roofing: Investigation and Evaluation of Roofing Systems
    • Building Envelope: Investigation and Evaluation of Maintenance and or Defects
    • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Phase 1 Environmental
  • Planning Permit, Pull And Review File (County)
  • Building Permit, Pull And Review File (County)
  • Manager Interviews:  GM, Facility, Vineyard
  • Future Expansion Budgeting (Square Foot)

Nordby Construction proudly provided pre-purchase diligence services for the following clients.

  • Duckhorn Wine Company
  • Foley Family Wines
  • Kieu Hoang Winery
  • Adams Wine Group
  • Carlisle Winery
  • Kosta Browne Winery
  • Dutcher Crossing Winery